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Meet the Wellbeing
Sauce Team

Miles Mather

Miles Mather

Owner & founder

I am an energetic, creative, and empathetic coach and group trainer, an  ultra-runner and triathlete.

I have a huge passion for Wellbeing. I have a separate B2B well-being  programmes business called Wellbeings.


Prior to coaching I worked as a consultant, and over a 20 year corporate facing career carried out projects across many big global blue chips.

Around 2010 I used to suffer from anxiety when in the office. Over time though I learned to manage this well. Then in 2018 I encoutered a second big wellbeing challenge as a parent..

The youngest of our three kids Ozzie was very poorly in the special care unit when he was  first born and has gone ont o be diagnosed with a rare genetic condition.


We have drawn strength as a famly from his resilience and smiley outlook on life. 

Christopher Waring

Chris Waring

Owner & founder

Having  intially qualified as a Psychologist, I spent my life in marketing and commercial in retail and banking.

It was in lockdown that I realised my lifestyle and focus on work was hitting my waistline and my well-being. I was heading to an early grave!

I found it difficult to find real help and support to change my lifestyle and be the best person I could be. There are so many magic pills and crazy courses promoted on the internet.


I reached out to Miles, who I have known for 15 years to help me. It was then we decided to develop this amazing business together to bring real wellbeing to the world.

The great news is I am now living my best life, from teaching spin classes to seeing my finance career going from strength to strength. I am happier, healthier and keen to spread the word.

So jump on board with us.

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