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Wellbeing Sauce - Your one-stop-shop for Wellbeing support.


Chris and Miles have a vision of sharing all the best content with the general public for free. This resource is fairly new but it is growing all the time. 

The information we share from a range of wellbeing professional is provided by them to us for free. That applies to articles, videos, courses and communities. It also includes our fantastic core four topics. At the moment these are Anxiety, Nuitrition, Menopause and Weight loss.


This business Wellbeing Sauce has also commited to all these amazing contributors that there will be no charge or commission requested for the first 12 months after our public launch.

In time, once we have built our fan base of users, web-traffic and celebrity support we will start to charge a small commission to our contributors for any business they enjoy directly as a result of people finding out about them from the website.


We will always hand pick the best professionals across our 8 broad dimensions of wellbeing. If they are on our site you know that they are vetted, effective and reliable wellbeing experts.

In time we will also introduce advertising of selected products and services to fund growth and development of the free offering.  Members areas will contain additional content in an ad-free environment.

The real strength of this business is that we care and we genuinely above all want to help. For this reason we will be investing heavily in a range of ways to encourage users to effectively implement the learnings from the site.


The core element supporting your effective wellbeing change will be the communities.


We will encourage and moderate meet ups with other people who are working to develop themselves and make the same changes as you. The accountability and sharing drawn from this collective experience is always a huge support.

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