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By Laura Allen

With over 10 years of experience in human resources and people management, Laura Allen is a career coach and wellbeing expert who helps professionals achieve happiness & health in work and life.

In Laura's pursuit to support her growing client base, she founded Career and Wellness Coaching limited, a company that offers practical tools and systems to awaken consciousness and develop bespoke  programmes to ensure each person achieves their chosen goals, through all aspects of mental and emotional wellbeing at work to a 180-degree career change.

Laura's unique approach to coaching uses a multitude of acquired skills and qualifications, specialising in career development, mindset coaching, reiki healing and cognitive reframing with EFT tapping as well as financial and business planning. 

Career and Wellness Coaching is available to all those seeking a collaborative and holistic approach to career development and change. Contact Laura via email or visit Career and Wellness Coaching to find out more. 

Laura Allen

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