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Social wellbeing for singles

Social wellbeing for singles

By Julia Collis

I’ve had an eventful life and thrive on exploring new places and meeting new people. I adore bringing people together and watching them thrive too. Whilst I never expected to be divorced and still single in these later years, here I find myself, having lived a very full and largely happy life. If truth be told, I can’t believe I’m actually 60, nor that I still single  (despite many, many cringeworthy online dating attempts!)I don’t think I still expected to be working at this age either. However, I still have this yearning to be ‘more’ and, despite many years supporting others in business and through charity work, I know I have ‘more’ to give. I’m never happier that when I’m enabling others to succeed or bringing people together to have fun. I’ve weathered my fair share of personal challenges - personal ill health, family ill health, financial hardships, infertility, divorce and untimely deaths – yet, at heart, I remain an optimist. Where has the time gone? I can’t be in my 7th decade, surely? That’s just old people and I’m in the prime of my life despite a few ups and downs along the way.....

Julia Collis

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