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By Dave Gregson

Dave Gregson, born in 1973, journeyed from Crossley Street School to Wetherby High School, becoming an advocate and writer. He started in gardening, earning an HND in horticulture in 1995, and later worked in health and social care, supporting learning-disabled adults.

In 2018, he faced workplace bullying and an autism diagnosis, leading to a successful unfair dismissal tribunal. He cared for his parents and championed carers' rights.

From 2020 to 2022, Dave directed "Important To Important For" and merged it with "Dave Gregson Writes," educating on neurodiversity, autism, and mental health, organizing community events like "Knife Crime Awareness Event." Dave chairs the Disability Resilience Network, co-directs the BMC Wellbeing Hub. He's an RAOB member and supports Open Country and Seek Solace. In 2005, he ran the London Marathon for The Samaritans.

He donates to Autistic Inclusive Meets and collaborates with Conduct Change Foundation and Stop Hate At Work. Dave volunteers globally, inspiring his diverse writing, including children's stories and the recent "The Secret Wild Wolves of Britain," 

Dave Gregson

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